White House High School

Ms. Lasher's

Biology Class


Test: April 21st






$20.00 Lab Fee 


 Classwork and Homework  listed at the bottom of site:


SPRING 2017 

Biology Lab Fee- $20.00

Grading Policy

A= 93-100

B= 85-92

C= 75-84

D= 70-74

1st Nine weeks                  45% of Final Grade

2nd Nine weeks                 45% of Final Grade 

EOC grade                   10% (Unless the State of Tennessee changes it)

Final Grade                       100%


1.Students must keep all class work, tests, and homework in order by DATE in a 3 RING BINDER with two

pockets. THIS WILL BE GRADED ONCE EACH 9 weeks which will be worth 100 points.

2.  Students must complete all projects and turn them in on time.

3.   Students must have all materials everyday when he or she walks though the door of the classroom.

4.   Students will turn in all work on time.

5.  *****Students must be responsible for all missed assignments due to an EXCUSED absence.  Students will have 3 DAYS upon return to make up all work for a grade********

Classroom Rules:

  1. 3.Do not talk unless you have permission.
  1. 4.Do not get out of your seat without permission.
  1. 5.Throw all trash away at the END of class AFTER you are dismissed.
  1. 6.No restroom breaks!!! (Please go before you enter the classroom).

Supplies for Biology

Biology Class:

LAB FEE: $20.00






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    Classwork & Homework


The following units will be covered this semester in order to prepare each student for the End of Course Exam.

Biology Curriculum listed below

Technology and Engineering

Cell Unit

Flow of matter and Energy



Biodiversity and Change


Biology Daily Assignments:

Jan 5th-  Class forms and Rules

Jan 6th-  Expectations/ Discussion of Different Units

Jan 9th- Autobiography/ Periodic Table

Jan 10th- Prefixes/Suffixes/Periodic Table

Jan 11th- Scientific Method Powerpoint/discussion


Jan 12th- Scientific Method Activity

Jan 13th- Prefixes and Suffixes Test/ Save Sam activity


Jan 16th- No School


Jan 17th- Prefix and Suffix TEST 2

Chapter One Discussion/Microscope Lab


Jan 18th- Chapter one Vocabulary

Jan 19th- Chapter one Discussion

Jan 20th- Chapter 6 Discussion/ worksheet




Jan 23rd- Chapter 6

Jan 24th- Chapter 6 Chemistry Lecture

Jan 25th- Chapter 6


Jan 26th- Test- Macromolecules

Jan 27th- Ch. 7 Voc words/Organelles


Jan 30th- Cell Unit Lecture

Jan 31st-   Organelles/Parts of the cells

Feb. 1st - TEST- Organelles

Feb. 2nd- Cell Building Activity

Feb. 3rd- Cell Building Activity


Feb. 6th- Powerpoint Lecture

Feb. 7th- Powerpoint- Cell Cycle

Feb 8th- Mitosis Lab

Feb. 9th- Mitosis Lecture and finish Unit

Feb. 10th- TEST- Cell Unit

 (due to sickness- Test was postponed a couple of days)

Feb. 13th- Book work

Feb. 14th-  TEST for 3rd/4th Blocks.  Elodea Lab

1st Block- Intro of Flow of Matter and Energy Unit

Feb. 15th-  Photosynthesis

Feb. 16th- Cellular Respiration

Feb. 17th- Powerpoint/ Lab


Feb. 20th- No School

Feb. 21st- No School Parent/Teacher Conferences

Feb. 22nd- Cellular Respiration

Feb. 23rd- TEST

Feb. 24th- Interdependence Intro


Feb. 27th- Interdependence powerpoint

Feb. 28th- Interdependence video

March 1st-  Interdependence worksheet

March 2nd- Interdependence discussion

March 3rd- Interdependence Discussion/ Assessment



March 6th- Review for Interdependence

March 7th- TEST over Interdependence

March 8th- Introduction to Genetics/Heredity

March 9th- Vocabulary words

March 10th- Discussion over Genetics- Student questions


March 13th-17th Introduction to the Genetics

(Powerpoint and notes and Genetic Activities)


March 20th-24th- SPRING BREAK

March 27 - April 13th  Genetics

April 17th- April 21st Biodiversity and Change

April 21st- Test over Biodiversity and Change


April 24th- All Folders/Binders are due.  All Classwork, 

    Homework, and Tests should be in order by DATE


April 24th- May 3rd-  Review Powerpoints and practice 

tests to get ready for EOC Exam


May 4th-  End of the Course Biology State Exam

This exam is 20% of the student's grade

May 5th, 8th, 9th-  Owl Pellet Dissection

May 10th, 11th, and 12th  Human Body Lecture


May 15th-  Frog Dissection

May 16th-  TBA

May 17th- Honor's Day

May 18th-  Forensic Files breakdown

May 19th-  All Make up work


May 22nd- 24th  School wide Final Exams

No Exam in Biology due to the EOC Exam on May 4th