White House High School

Algebra 2

TEST Wednesday over Chapter 1.

Supplies needed:

- $8 class fee due no later than Monday, 1/23/2012

- 3-ring binder and loose-leaf paper                           

- Colored pen, pencil or highlighter

- Graph Paper

- Pencils (tests or quizzes in ink will result in a 10 point deduction)

- Calculator (TI-83 or 84 is preferred but not required) 

Grading Policy:

Test Average:             50%

                                 (includes projects)

Quiz Average:             30%

Homework Average:   20%

The final exam will be given at the end of the semester and will count 20% of their final average.

There is an End of Course Test given in Algebra II that  is a couple of weeks prior to the end of the school year and will count 25% of the second 9 weeks grade.