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Supplies Needed:

  •     Notebook and paper
  •     Dividers
  •     Flash drive
  •     Ear buds (small in-ear headphones)
  •     Box of tissue/kleenex 

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Class Description and State Standards

 WEB PAGE DESIGN - Foundations 1

Web Page I Class Description and State Standards



Chapter 1

Computers Inside & Outside

Inside of Computers - Prezi

Computer Components - Prezi

 How Bits and Bytes Work (How Stuff Works)

History of Technology

Computer History

History of Internet

Computer Hardware Assembly & Design - Prezi & YouTube

File Systems - NTFS and FAT

Chapter 4 - Electricity

Introduction to Electricity (YouTube)

Home Electricity Education

What is VOLTs, OHMs, AMPs? (YouTube)

Basic Electricity - (YouTube)

Voltage, Current, Electricity (YouTube)

Watch a Black Out (Video)

Is it Volts or Amps that will kill you?(YouTube)

Diagram of an electrical circuit

Electricity - Quick Quiz


www.wikipedia.com - Then search for The Million Dollar Homepage

Things you didn't know that can be hacked.


Google Docs - Take a tour

Google in the Classroom

Google Web Search – Classroom Lessons and Resources

Choose the Best Search Engine


Computers & the Internet

Computer Scavenger Hunt

Email Internet Hunt

Internet Guide(Basic Concepts)

Internet Safety

Internet Safety Study Guide

Learn Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette Activity


Online Safety Live Binder

People With Disability and Computer Technology

Vocabulary on Internet Basics

Technology Timeline & People Who Influenced It

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet Of Things Video


Career Planning

Career Planning - After Graduating Options

Career Vocabulary- Job Searching Terms

College- Basic Terms - Matching Game

Get a Job

The World of Work

Skills that promote SUCCESS

Evaluating Web Pages


Careers & Pathway Planning

Personality Type

Personality Assessment







Spent Game - Game that helps you make wise choices in budgeting, saving and spending your money.

Creating Powerpoint Presentations

Creating a Powerpoint Presentation Tutorial #1
Creating a basic Powerpoint #1
Creating a basic Powerpoint from a Template #2

Powerpoint Animations Tutorial


School Email

Student to Student email (Examples)

Student Reply to Student (Examples)

Avatar creator - Voki


Class Games Online

Basic Computer Technology

Computer and Internet Terminology

Hardware & Software - Fill in the blanks

Computers Inside & Out Review/Quiz

Chapter 1 Practice Quiz

Internet/Computer Technology Review

Computer Concepts Review

Computer Related Initialisms - Sporcle

Main Computer Components - Sporcle

Match Computer Terms with definitions - Sporcle

Communication & Networks Review

Vocabulary on Internet Basics




Web Design Live Binder 

The difference between the World Wide Web & the Internet

Who Invented the Internet?

Web Design Student Lessons

Web Design Web Tool Kit


 Web Design & Development Student Lessons

HTML Tutorial

Commonly Used HTML Tags

Webdesign for Beginners

Web Development Lessons

www.w3c.org World Wide Web Consortium


Symbol Codes (Keyboard Shortcuts)

www.ada.gov (Americans with Disabilities Act)

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)

Evaluating Web Pages

Absolute vs Relative Paths
XHTML Cheat Sheet



Websafe Colors

Web Design Tutorial

HTML Tutorials

Tim Berners-Lee - Reflecting on the past 20 years and looking forward to the next 20 years.

Ask Dave Taylor


Web Style Guide Online

10 Heuristics for User Design

Principals of Interactive Design

Web Pages that Stink



Logos & Text Generator- dafont.com

Live Binder for Web Design

Windows Media Player File Types Supported

Software to Download


Class Games Online

HTML Basics

Vocabulary on Internet Basics

HTML Hangman

Communication & Networks Review


Online Tutorials, Exercises & Technology Games   

Learn to code HTML & CSS







000WebHost: Free Web Hosting

Learn Code and Programming

Apps for Phone or Tablets

Drippler - Tips, Apps & Updates for Iphone, Ipad, & Ipod Touch

Zite - Intelligent magazine that you taylor to help you discover interesting news and things to read.

LiveBinders - Lets you intergrate a variety of Web content into virtual 3-ring binders you can access from any phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.

Evernote -

Neato -

 QR Scanner - Scans QR codes.



Other Useful Sites








Word Search Computer Game

Computer Parts Word Search

Game Goo 

Power My Learning




QR Stuff



Pirates of Silicon Valley - Pt 1

Pirates of Silicon Valley - Pt. 2