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Theatre II Auditions:

2020/2021 Audition March 10 & 13

Sign up by the theater door for an audition time.

Auditions Requirements:

Acting - perform a monologue (1:00 to 1:30 minutes in length), an improvisation scene, and interview.

Crew - submit a letter of interest and an interview with Theatre Council

*Students must turn in a teacher recommendation form and have received an A or B in Theatre I to be eligible to audition.

There are 25 acting slots and 5 crew spots in the class.


Congratulations Theatre II Cast 20/21

*Thanks to all who auditioned! If you are listed in italics and have a (p) by your name, it means we are missing some paperwork. Due to current circumstances we are extending the deadline for that paperwork. Please return your teacher recommendation in to Mrs. B before the end of the first week we return to school. 



  Ellie Altstadt

Steven Ball

Zane Brittain

Casey Epting

Madison Freeman

James Gilbert

Mathias Hagewood

Rebekah Langford

Lucas Mckinney (p)

Blaze Stewart

Anna Tuggy

Mackenzie Wilks

James Willbanks

Danielle Williams 



Aren Butterworth (p)

Abby Jarvis

Andrew Thompson

Ivy Vasquez 



Sydnee Bailey

Sabrina Hagewood


Tech Crew 

 Emma Altstadt

Allan Buchanan

Conner Myers

Emma Myers